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I’m now calling them our all-star refugee Assessment Team. This group
of 11 (image) has been helping iACT measure the impact of Little
Ripples since 2014. In total, the team has completed six assessments for us
and contributed to further improving and designing our survey tool.
And we now have an official team cheer! We stack our hands in the
middle of our huddle, count to three, and collectively yell,
“Assessment Team, high!!.” The “high” was an addition by our Project
Coordinator Oumda Tarbosh. I believe it was meant be a direction to
the team members to throw their hands up high in the air, but instead they
mistakenly incorporated the “high” into our team cheer. And it stuck!

For this assessment we completed a nearly 100% follow-up from baseline
of the previously measured Little Ripples Pond students and our
control group children. The intense three days of assessments were
fluid. Held at Little Ripples School, each day a group of caregivers
and their children waited patiently to be registered and taken through
interviews. For their time, our Little Ripples School cooks prepared
nutritious meals each day for every child attending our assessment.
They ate rice, meat, lentils, and bread. This was all coordinated by
Oumda, and I’ve come to observe that the meal program for children in
his community is one of the things he is most proud of. He seems so
happy and content to see children eating. While we watched the
children eat, he asked me, “How do the children look? Do they look
healthier to you?” I responded, “Yes, Oumda, they do. They seem much
healthier.” “Thank you, thank you,” he replied with a big smile.

Following our final assessment morning, we said goodbye to our team
and colleagues in Goz Amer. The next couple of days Gabriel and I will
be making our way back to the capital of Chad then onward to Cameroon
to conduct a needs assessment for Little Ripples.

Stay tuned!