It was a special day. The home, family, and community that host Pond #4 are special. They came out to celebrate and express their gratitude. The mother of the home–the new Pond cook–prepared a delicious meal the adults and children got to enjoy. The men and women who are leaders for the camp block came up to speak, and there was genuine joy and appreciation flowing from them. The boys and girls that will be the real live little ripples attending this school sat in the front row, and you could see their eyes full of excitement at seeing the toys and learning material they will soon get to use. When we thought it was all over, all of a sudden two drummers came in, and the celebration ended with a big bang—well, many bangings of the drums. The women started singing and dancing, and one of them even carried Felicia up high and continued to dance. I’m humbled and full of hope. I can’t wait to see the community’s boys and girls, singing and dancing—and learning!—in their new Pond.


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