As you can imagine, we are deeply concerned about our refugee friends during this time. We have worked on coming up with an informative document titled, “Coronavirus (Covid19_2019-nCoV) Facts and Precautions,” which has in-depth guidelines regarding Coronavirus, along with its symptoms, how it spreads, treatment/care, proper hand-washing techniques, facts vs. myths, and mindfulness exercises.

We have also created a one-pager/poster titled, “Coronavirus One-pager,” that is more easily accessible and contains the main information, along with a hand-washing graphic.

Please download “Coronavirus (Covid19_2019-nCoV) Facts and Precautions”  in your native language and share it with your loved ones: English, French, Farsi, Arabic, Swahili, Kirundi, Sorani, Kurmanji, Burmese.

Please download “Coronavirus One-pager” in English, French, FarsiArabic, Swahili, KirundiSorani, Kurmanji, Burmese.

We have also included some health and hygiene coloring pages.

Stay healthy friends!