Dr. Elliot Salloway Fund for Empathy

Elliot’s finding iACT was a wonderful gift. From our very first conversation with each other, we were invigorated by his passion for ending mass suffering. Elliot sees hope and opportunity in the power of empathy and compassion. In every individual child, he recognizes the potential for making the world a more peaceful home for all of us.

The Dr. Elliot Salloway Fund for Empathy honors and celebrates Elliot’s deep commitment toward ending and preventing mass atrocities by creating spaces for compassion and empathy to thrive. iACT feels deeply honored to work alongside Elliot. Throughout his life, he has used advocacy and action to inspire and ignite change across campuses, within the art community, and in our hearts. Elliot’s Fund for Empathy will support iACT programs that use empathy and compassion as a core principle for social change.

Elliot’s mother and father, Mary and Morris Salloway

Elliot as a young boy

Elliot, who served in the Airforce, with his wife Regina

Elliot with his son Brian before serving during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Elliot’s great catch in Acapulco, Mexico

Elliot and his boys on an epic sailing adventure

Sailing in the Caribbean Islands with his boys

Elliot’s sons Steven, Brian, David at their waterfront house in Magnolia

Elliot with Regina and family at their son David’s wedding

Harvard’s fund to recognize Dr. Salloway’s amazing work in the field

They honored both his family story and career

Elliot with Opera singers in Vietnam

Tennis match between Elliot and David in 2015

Elliot’s 2016 selfie!

Elliot and Regina at their granddaughter’s wedding in 2017

The beautiful bride Emily, Elliot’s granddaughter

Elliot’s 2002 photography:
Citgo Sign at Fenway Park

Elliot’s 2002 photography:
Shadows Over Ted Willams Chair

Elliot’s 2002 photography:
Gate E

Project Exodus: Where Dr. Salloway’s genocide prevention efforts started

Project Exodus Art:
Dr. Salloway’s art show benefitting PhD program in genocide prevention

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Conflict Tango, mixed media, 2012

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Ambivalence, mixed media, 2012

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Target for Tonight, mixed media, 2012

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Target for Tonight, mixed media, 2011

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Troubled Goddess, mixed media, 2012

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Vigil in Berlin, mixed media, 2012

Art for Atrocity Prevention:
Ménage à Trois, mixed media, 2012


My Jewish religion has taught me an important concept on life behavior. One of the three pillars of Judaism is the concept of Gemilut Chasidim which translates to “Acts of Loving Kindness.” This prescription for behavior teaches me not only the obligation of giving monetary support to the poor and needy, but to also take on the responsibility of involvement in performing “acts of loving kindness” such as visiting the sick, burying the dead, and even providing support for a bride who has no family. These are person-to-person human and temporal actions, not because they are commanded by God, but because from a human-to-human relationship develops a respect and dignity for others. Such respect ennobles each person as a creation of God. Any harm to your fellow man is not only a destruction of God but a strike against your brother, your family. If the world could be taught such a feeling of relationship, then genocide could be unthinkable. From the protection and respect for each man comes a respect for the whole human race. I have tried to live my life with this principle.

-Dr. Elliot Salloway

About Dr. Elliot Salloway

Dr. Salloway trained in periodontology at Tufts University, Boston University, and the University of Pennsylvania graduate medical and dental schools. His residency was at Beth Israel Hospital and University Hospital Boston. He served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force during the Cuba crisis and then became the first periodontist to practice in the City of Worcester, MA. For over 35 years, he was a faculty member of the Harvard Graduate Dental School, at which the E.W. Salloway Teaching and Research Fund was established by his patients and friends.

Dr. Salloway served on several arts boards, including Boston Ballet Friends, Public Action for the Arts, Photo Resource Center, and the Massachusetts Repertory Company, which was the first equity repertory company in Boston. He was also a member of several professional and arts organizations including Indochina Arts Partnership, Rakushokai (Tokyo), International Association of Dental Research, American Academy for Dental Research, and American Academy of Periodontology.

Elliot lectured worldwide in his profession and for five years at the Miami Historical Museum on his photographs of the changing Miami River. He was a prolific photographer and painter who showed in galleries in Boston; Miami; Berlin and Krefeld, Germany; and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Perhaps Dr. Salloway’s most impactful work was in his efforts to end and prevent genocide and mass atrocities. He joined the Board of Directors of iACT, a Los Angeles-based international humanitarian action organization, in 2016. He launched Against Atrocity, a blog dedicated to addressing the problems of crimes against humanity in worldwide conflicts in 2017. Dr. Salloway was also the co-founder of Project Exodus, which calls on children and teenagers to make art which addresses the question: “Are genocide and crimes against humanity preventable?” Project Exodus is active in Boston and had a gallery opening at Lesley University, with the organization Violence Transformed. Additionally, Dr. Salloway served as Chief Operating Officer of Boston Global Forum and as Executive Assistant to the editor-in-chief of the UNESCO-UCLA Global Citizen Initiative.

Elliot’s legacy of atrocity prevention, by his fostering islands of peace, empathy, and compassion, will live on in each and every one of us.

Angel Advisory Committee

Matthew Salloway is the Founder and Managing Director of the Salloway Law Group PC, a law firm based in Manhattan, representing a variety of high profile individuals and companies. Previously, he was an associate in the Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Fund and Corporate Groups in the international law firm of O’Melveny & Myers LLP. Prior to attending law school, he was a research consultant with McKinsey & Company and a research associate at Harvard Business School. He is also a successful film producer, having produced such hits as Lee Daniels’ The Butler starring Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker and Robin Williams. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brandeis University.