a celebration of hope in action
The Opportunity

Come Together

It is tradition for peoples around the world to gather in a circle and share a meal to celebrate, mourn, seek solutions, and commit to action. iACT Gatherings gives you the opportunity to invite your community to learn about and act on one of the world’s most pressing global crises: over 65 million refugees and people displaced and disempowered.


Set the tone for your dinner with a Gathering starter kit, which contains placemats, coasters, decorative lanterns, thank you cards for your guests, and table-top decor with meaningful reminders of the reason you’ve gathered, all designed to educate and inspire your guests.

iACT Gathering Kit (6-12 guests)

What will hosting your Gathering benefit?

Grown from the Darfur United Men’s Team, the soccer Academies for refugee boys and girls ages 6-13 improve on-the-field skills and off-the-field peacebuilding efforts while giving girls equal opportunity, access, and leadership development.
Our international development programs facilitate state-of-the art education models and increase the human rights knowledge and leadership capacity of refugees to be changemakers in their communities.
In the U.S., we mentor individuals across the country to educate and activate their local communities to end ongoing atrocities and prevent futures ones.