Thank you for stepping up to fundraise! You can help iACT to fill a dangerous food gap in Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad.

You can help us fill a dangerous food gap for refugee children.

In the next 7 days, we need your help in raising $15,000 to provide essential meals to young refugee children on the Chad-Sudan border.

Over the last 6 years, food rations have been cut dramatically for Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad. Currently, families receive only $5 per person per month to purchase food in the market; $20 for a family of four for an entire month. Refugee families have few opportunities to make up the difference between what is needed and what is provided, and children are the hardest hit, being at critical stages in their physical and mental development.

Our mutual goal is $15,000.


In a few easy steps you can create your own campaign or Facebook fundraising page!

  1. Who are you raising money for? Select “iACT”
  2. How much money would you like to raise? Select an amount that inspires you and is achievable. Here are some ideas:
    • $48 provides meals for one child for a month at Little Ripples
    • $636 provides meals for an entire preschool Pond (class of 53 children) for a month
    • $600 is Oumda Tarbosh or Abdullaziz’s Refugee Camp Coordinator salary for the rainy season
    • $1,080 all of iACT’s cooks’ salaries for 3 months
    • $1,272 provides meals for the entire camp Goz Amer school for the rainy season
    • $4,324 provides cook salaries and daily meals for 55 refugees for a year
  3. What is your “End Date”? Select July 3, 2018. We immediately need to send this money to Chad to cover the food gap.
  4. Why are you raising money for iACT? Copy and paste the below text and add a personal note:

Help me raise [$XX] to fill the dangerous food gap for Darfuri refugees living in camps in eastern Chad. Food rations have been drastically reduced to $5 per person, per month. That’s $20 for a family of 4 for a month. I’m raising money because [INSERT PERSONAL STATEMENT].
iACT’s Little Ripples early childhood education program offers a meal to every student, teacher, and program host family member. As we know, nutritional support is critical for the development of young children. iACT’s daily meal program not only offers balanced meals, but also empowers refugee women by providing them with employment and training.


Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard, and now there are so many ways to reach out to your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers through email, social media, and text messages. All you have to do is ask for support!

Invite your friends

  • Build momentum by connecting friends to your fundraiser. People who invite friends are 4 times more likely to reach their goal.
  • Send an email to friends and family. We’ve include a sample email that you can edit and send.

Share in News Feed

  • Share your story to let friends know why this nonprofit is important to you, and why they should donate.
  • Below you will find several social media posts to continue ongoing social media engagement.

Match Donations

  • Motivate your friends and family by matching their donations up to a limit you choose

Did you know that fundraisers who send at least 10 emails raise six times more than those who don’t?

Draft Email to Friends and Family:

Dear Friends,

I’m fundraising for refugee meals in order to fill the dangerous food gap for Darfuri refugees living in eastern Chad. iACT’s refugee-led daily meal program provides essential and nutritious meals to Little Ripples students and empowers refugee women to lead. At a time when refugees only receive $5 per person, per month, your support is needed now more than ever.

Can you contribute to my Facebook fundraiser here [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISER]
(Not on Facebook? You can donate directly to iACT here.)

Your support will help children like Malka. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves to play soccer!

Together we can create immediate and essential impact!



Don’t forget to thank you donors as the funds are contributed. iACT will also thank your donors but a note from you will have impact. Use this #iACT4Meals Social Media Guide for help crafting social media

Example “Share your Fundraiser” Post:
Who will be the first to contribute to my fundraiser supporting a widening and dangerous food gap for Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad? Just $48 provides meals for a little boy or girl for an entire month.

Example Post 1:
[Include photo of Malka]
Your support will help children like Malka. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves to play soccer! Malka deserves a bright future, one that can only begin with nutrition now. Together, you and I can create a brighter future for Malka and her community.

Example Post 2:
#iACT4Meals that are refugee-led. That are sourced and prepared by refugee women. That invest in advancing the livelihoods of refugees and create long-term program sustainability. Will you act with me?