I am inviting you to extend your heart to Jibril, a child who has only ever known a refugee camp to be home. The story of Jibril is not an exception among refugees around the world, it is the norm. After their village in Darfur was attacked, Jibril’s family fled on foot and arrived in a refugee camp in eastern Chad, where he was born. Through their forced displacement, Jibril’s family lost so much: their home, four siblings, and a connection to the only community they’d ever known. Yet, Jibril’s mother Achta perseveres each day so that her children will have a better future, a hope that parents around the world share for their own children. Jibril’s family opens their heart and home to the other children of their camp. They host a Little Ripples early learning “Pond” in their home and Achta sources, cooks and serves a daily meal for all the children. iACT’s programs provide paid employment, a scarce opportunity in refugee camps, especially for women. 

By extending our hearts to Jibril and Achta, we can support them as they create a better future. By extending our hearts, we are also expanding our own capacity for joy and hope; we are creating a better future for our global community.