Sabra is a serious, yet curious 5-year-old Darfur refugee living in a camp in eastern Chad. She attends a Little Ripples preschool in her home, and her mother Achta cooks a daily meal for the students. It is sometimes the only meal that Sabra receives in a day. Sabra concentrates intensely on each task in front of her and you can see the joy unfold as she discovers what it means to play.
Her family fled the violence in Darfur, Sudan in 2004 and has been living in a refugee camp since. Sabra is part of a generation of Darfur refugee children who have been born into and will likely spend the majority of their childhood in an isolated and forgotten refugee camp. Sabra’s older siblings attend the Refugees United Soccer Academy where they learn soccer and peacebuilding skills.

Sabra’s mother, Achta, has big dreams for her, “I hope Sabra and all my children will be educated and have a better life than mine. The only way for a better life is education. Without education, nothing can change.”

Sabra, like every child, has the right to play, learn, and thrive. By choosing to see Sabra, you are choosing to see her potential.