December 1, 2020

I extend my heart to Jibril and refugee families around the world.

Giving Tuesday 2020: Support Refugee Families

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to extend your heart to Jibril, a child who has only ever known a refugee camp to be home. The story of Jibril’s mother, Achta, is not unique, it is the story of refugee families all over the world. After their village in Darfur was attacked, her family fled on foot and arrived in a refugee camp in eastern Chad. In a moment, Achta seemingly lost everything: her home, two of her children, and a connection to the only community she’d every known. Despite such loss, Achta perseveres each day so that her children will have a better future, a hope that parents around the world share for our own children. Achta is a cook and hosts a Little Ripples pond in her home. iACT’s programs provide paid employment, a scarce opportunity in refugee camps, especially for women. By extending our hearts to Jibril and Achta, we are able to support their realization and creation of a better future. By extending our hearts, we are also expanding our own capacity for joy and love. We are creating a better future for our global community. 

Giving Tuesday is the opportunity for us to invest in a better future for all our families and communities–near and far.  Just as businesses unabashedly promote their sales on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Tuesday, this is the day where nonprofits can stand in total confidence in their fundraising requests and where supporters open their hearts a little wider to organizations they believe in. This is a BIG day for us to raise money to sustain our programs for the coming year. We are looking for people to open their hearts and teach their communities about the challenges refugee families face each day. We’re asking iACT supporters to fundraise by sharing Jibril’s story and committing to raise as much as they can.

How iACT Supports families:

100% of households surveyed across two refugee camps in eastern Chad are severely food insecure.

1,106,010 meals have been served to refugee children by refugees through iACT programs.

Paying jobs are very, very limited -- and extremely low paying. Most countries do not allow refugees to hold formal jobs. They are limited to what is available in a refugee camp, where there are very few opportunities, especially for women.

iACT has 135 direct refugee employees and supports the professional development of another 50 through partner organizations

43.8% of caregivers feel that their child was safe in the camp in general.

100% of iACT caregivers indicated that they felt that their child is safe at iACT’s refugee-led preschool program, Little Ripples.


As part of #GivingTuesday, we’ve chosen to share Jibril and his family’s story. Help your community learn about Jibril and how supporting iACT can extend hope to refugee families living in forgotten camps around the world. Please read more about Jibril below:


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