Not Just Football: from genocide to the World Cup is the incredible story of Darfur United, an all-refugee team from a forgotten region that has experienced “hell on earth.” This film—and the team—look to shine the spotlight back on Darfur, and it challenges you to SCORE A GOAL FOR DARFUR.

Are you a school, organization, parish, theater, or cultural center interested in hosting a screening this summer? Film is a powerful tool to help ignite conversation, raise awareness, and drive change. Be a part of sharing the amazing Darfur United story and take action in support of refugees. If you’ve never hosted a film screening event before, don’t worry! We can help you make your screening a success!

Host a Not Just Football screening event in your community!

STEP 2: Select and purchase your screening package

  1. Small (~2-20 people): do it yourself at home, classroom, or other small settings. $9.90
  2. Medium (~21-50 people): do it yourself in large classrooms, small auditoriums, your business’s public meeting space, or other medium-size settings. $280
  3. Large (~51-100 people): in auditoriums, theaters, or other large settings. Hosts receive support from iACT staff, a T-shirt, and refugee-made soccer ball. $350

*25% of fees go to support iACT programs and the remainder supports the filmmakers. If these costs are prohibitive, please register your event and we will work with you!

STEP 3: Set a date and secure a location

STEP 4: Spread the word!

Invite people. Let us know if you would like our editable poster template that you can personalize for your screening. We can also post your screening on our website!

STEP 5: Get ready, and then have fun!

  • Download and print information sheets for you, the host, and for your guests
  • Watch the film and have a conversation
  • Take action: Encourage guests to sign the online petition and give a donation (optional, see the FAQs section for opportunities)
  • Share in social media using #notjustfootball and #iACT4refugees


How long is Not Just Football?

70 minutes

What is it rated?
It’s not rated, but it might fall between PG and PG13. There are a few short clips from news sources reporting on the conflict in Darfur that show images of violence and death. Depending on your community, the film could be appropriate for middle-school-aged children and up. We recommend that you watch the film before the screening, so that you can make an informed judgment about whom to show it to.
What technology do I need?
You can stream the film from any device that has internet access or Amazon Prime.
I’ve never hosted something like this! Could you tell me how the actual event might look from start to finish?

Although it will depend on the size of the event you are planning, you might want to have a simple mixer before the screening. Schedule between 30 minutes to an hour for people to enjoy drinks and snacks. If you’re at home, you could make it a potluck! You will already have printed the one-pager for people to have and start learning about the film and actions they can take. Right before screening time, gather everyone, introduce yourself, and explain why sharing this story is important to you. Make it personal!

Next, the fun and easy part: screen the 70-minute movie. After the film ends, allow time for Q&A and/or an informal conversation about what you all just saw. Ask everyone to take out his/her phone and go to to sign the petition there. You might encourage people to donate to our humanitarian work (it would be greatly appreciated). Also, ask your guests to share on social media about the film and their thoughts, with the hashtags: #notjustfootball and #iACT4refugees. Finally, you can ask if anyone would commit to hosting a screening, before you thank everyone for attending yours. Simple! Of course, make it your own event. You are the expert in your community.

Can an iACT representative attend the screening?

Register your event and we can talk about the possibility! If we aren’t able to attend, think about other panel members or guests that you could have. Is there a local refugee community leader or resettlement agency who would like to participate? How about a soccer organization using sport for social change? These are all great alternatives!

If I wanted to fundraise at my event, what would the raised funds support?

iACT’s soccer for social change programs include the Darfur United Men’s Team, Darfur United Women’s Team, and the Refugees United Soccer Academy. You can choose the program you’d like your fundraising efforts to support! Here are some goals that might help guide you:

    1. For every $10 donation, one refugee girl or boy will be sponsored for an entire year at the Refugees United Soccer Academy. You can set your goal to sponsor any number of refugee players: 25, 50, 100 or more children!
    2. For $5,000, you sustain an Academy for an entire year in a refugee camp for up to 2,000 refugee girls and boys ages 6-13.
    3. For $10,000, you can launch a new Academy in a refugee camp, reaching up to 2,000 new refugee children.
    4. Sponsorship of the Darfur United Men’s and Women’s Teams is available. Check out our team sponsorship deck here.

More questions?

Contact Danielle Kercher at