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A more mindful approach to humanitarian action.


100 million people have been forced to flee their homes.

In the past decade, the refugee population has more than doubled because of increasing social, religious, and political persecution around the world. With your help, we're creating a new standard for humanitarian aid – where displaced communities have agency, voice, and ownership in their lives.  

of refugees are resettled globally
of the world's children live in conflict zones
is the average length of stay in a refugee camp
children and Little Ripples Teacher running

People-centered. Relational. Purposeful.

iACT meets people affected by conflict and humanitarian organizations where they are, facilitating community-led programs that address immediate and long-term wellbeing.


Evidence-based and trauma-informed education, sports, and leadership programs co-created with and led by people affected by conflict.


Technical advising and curriculum development for community-based programs and national and global humanitarian and education actors.

RUSA and Little Ripples children holding hands in a circle

Working together.

iACT is powered by our passionate community of volunteers who bring a diverse set of skills, experience, and knowledge to our work. 


iACT works across the globe to increase and improve opportunities for people affected by conflict. Based in Los Angeles, we have inspired more than 150,000 Americans to connect more deeply with conflict-affected communities and offered them ways to take action.

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What led iACT to the US-Mexico Border?

"It’s because of what these people have fled and endured in displacement, it’s because of our shared humanity, it’s because education and play get lost in the immigration process, and it’s because few other organizations are there to help."

- Sara-Christine Dallain, iACT Executive Director

Gabriel Stauring
Katie Jay Scott

"I've always felt that I will leave this world a better place, and each day there is something I can do to work towards this. Educate. Activate. Empower."

Katie Jay and Gabriel Stauring
Mindfulness Practice in Armenia

Your support helps people affected by conflict to be heard in displacement and build peaceful and purposeful lives.


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