An opportunity for businesses and practitioners to bring global compassion and empathy into their local communities.

Pamper for a Purpose is an opportunity for health, wellness, and beauty providers (practitioners) to bring global compassion and empathy into their business and craft. Practitioners of all types—estheticians, yoga instructors, chiropractors, hairdressers, etc. — donate the fees from their pampering services to benefit iACT’s refugee-led sports, education, and human rights programs.

How it works

Choose how you want to give

Give a Day

Choose one day (or multiple days!) in the month of July to donate all or a percentage of your earnings

Give a Service

Choose one or more services that you offer and donate the entire, or a percentage of, the cost of that service for a period in July.

Give a Product

Choose a product and give a percentage of those product sales for the month of July!

Get creative

Give in a way that fits your practice or brand!

Join the Practitioner Community

When you make the decision to become a Pamper for a Purpose practitioner, you are joining a global network of individuals who choose to live and give with purpose. All participating practitioners will receive a Welcome Kit as well as marketing and promotional support. The first 25 practitioners will also be gifted two Happy Dot Boxes!

What does it support?

Pamper for a Purpose is an iACT event. All the proceeds made during the month of July will benefit iACT’s sports, education, and human rights programs. The funds you raise could support the salaries of the refugee women we employ, feed children in Little Ripples, our early childhood education program, or provide soccer materials for a Refugees United Soccer Academy so refugee boys and girls can have a safe space to learn about teamwork, leadership, and peacebuilding.

The Story of Pamper for a Purpose

In 2011, Portland hairstylist, Denise Wetherell wanted to find a way to get involved and give back to the refugees who have been suffering as a result of the Darfur conflict in Sudan. Denise created a successful fundraising and awareness event that engaged her surrounding beauty community and local organizations including Never Again Coalition, a Portland-based alliance of professionals and activists formed in response to genocide and other crimes committed against humanity.

Fast forward seven years of successful Pamper for a Purpose events and over $15,000 donated, Denise, Never Again Coalition, and iACT are taking Pamper for a Purpose to the next level by expanding the network and offering practitioners everywhere an opportunity to be part of pampering for a good cause.

Denise now designates two days out of the year to donate her earnings to organizations benefiting refugees. Using her already existing skills as a hairdresser, Denise was able to bring global awareness and compassion to her Portland community; proof that action can be taken anywhere and giving back can be as easy as going to work.

Give meaning to your craft

Join us as we Pamper for a Purpose throughout the month of July, 2019

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