Age: 20
Location: Mtendeli Refugee Camp, Tanzania

When violence broke out in Burundi in 2015, Claudin’s father was killed due to his ethnicity and her mother eventually re-married. Without the protection of her mother and her new step-father, Claudine’s neighbors and friends encouraged her to flee to Tanzania as they feared she would be persecuted for her ethnicity as her father had. Some of Claudine’s friends pooled their money together to cover the cost of her journey to Tanzania. Unfortunately, Claudine was forced to drop out of school at grade 9 as her parents decided to stop covering the costs prior to her father’s death.

Claudine is grateful to have been trained in the RUSA program and to be give knowledge on love, peace, helping and sharing. She likes to work with children and help prepare them for life ahead. Being a RUSA coach has helped Claudine be a leader in her community and has increased her personal and professional confidence.
Claudine does not want to return to Burundi as she does not feel safe there and feels that there are no opportunities for a peaceful or healthy life there. Eventually, she would like to complete her studies and dreams of becoming a doctor someday. She also wants to continue coaching girls to play soccer. She was not allowed to play soccer as a child because her family did not allow it and Claudine wants to make sure other young girls her community do not face the same challenge she did.