Age: 26
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

When violence broke out in Burundi in 2015, Daniel’s father was killed due to his involvement in a government opposition party. Due to Daniel’s father’s high-up position in the party, the government felt that he had known many party secrets that he passed on to Daniel and eventually the government came for Daniel, causing him to flee with his family. Additionally, due to inheritance and landownership conflicts, one of Daniel’s uncles paid government militia members to also threaten Daniel, causing him to flee. Daniel’s mother passed away prior to the conflict, his sister is seeking refuge in the DRC and many other members of Daniel’s family have disappeared since the conflict. Luckily, Daniel was able to finish secondary school before relocating to Tanzania.

Daniel is proud to be a RUSA coach and also serves as the RUSA coordinator in the Nduta camp. He believes that all children deserve equal opportunities to education and play because it is their right and that all children in his community should have the opportunity to participate in the RUSA program. Children should have the opportunity to learn through soccer and serving them will help them to have brighter futures. He feels that participating in the RUSA program allows children to cope with stress and has also helped him cope with what he experienced in Burundi.

First, Daniel hopes to one day live in a peaceful place with his family; he has no plan to return to Burundi. He wants his children to have good educations and opportunities that are sustainable. Second, he dreams of continuing his studies so that he can help other refugee communities through sports. He would like to be a RUSA trainer in other countries for other refugee communities.