Age: 22
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

Delphine and her family fled Burundi due to threats of violence from militia groups and the zone leader where her family lived. She and her family fled to Tanzania, traveling over 3 days, while the rest of her extended family fled to other neighboring countries and are residing in refugee camps there. Delphine was in grade 9 when she left Burundi and continued her education in the Nduta camp, however she dropped out after grade 11 due to difficulties with exams.

Delphine loves her job as a RUSA coach and values the relationships she has with her players. She does this work because she loves to help her community. Her family supports her work as a RUSA coach, though she regularly faces criticism from her community about being a female soccer coach. Her response is to tell them that she loves what she does and that sports and play are human rights regardless of gender.

Delphine hopes to further her education and live in a peaceful place with her family.