Age: 23
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

Eliana was born a refugee in the Kanembwa refugee camp in Tanzania. She dropped out of school in grade 7 because the the Tanzanian government shut down the schools in her camp. Eliana’s husband was also a former refugee in Tanzania and dropped out of school in grade 9 for the same reason. Eventually, Eliana and her family were forced back to Burundi, however, when they arrived they had no land or property to return to. Eliana and her husband were doing agricultural work for other people when the violence broke out in Burundi and they decided to flee.

Eliana enjoys being a RUSA coach and respects the values and principles of the program. She enjoys working with children and feels that soccer can help keep children healthy and help them reach their dreams. She feels very confident as a RUSA coach and even her family and community support her coaching and encourage her to continue serving the children in her community.

Unfortunately, Eliana and her family have endured multiple robberies and attacks since arriving to the Nduta camp due to ethnic differences. However, Eliana remains hopeful for the future and dreams of living in a place free from conflict and violence where she and her family can be at peace.