Age: 23
Location: Mtendeli Refugee Camp, Tanzania

Emery was born a refugee in the Myuovozi refugee camp in Tanzania. He and his family were eventually transferred to the Mutabili refugee camp in Tanzania in 2007, but were force to return to Burundi in 2012. When violence broke out in Burundi in 2015, his family were threatened and youth militias were regularly trying to recruit Emery. Emery made it a point to refuse to participate in the militias himself so that he would not risk the safety of his family. Eventually, the situation became too dangerous and Emery and his family decided to flee back to Tanzania. Emery was still studying when he left Burundi, but completed secondary school in the Mtendeli camp.

Emery has played soccer since childhood and loves the game. He likes to work with children and enjoys improving his own knowledge about soccer. Emery’s father was also a soccer coach and is very proud of him for being a RUSA coach. Emery has seen improvement in his own soccer skills and knowledge and enjoys giving these skills and knowledge to his players. Emery also plays on a competitive team in the camp and enjoys every second of his time on the field.

Emery hopes to one day attend university to study telecommunications and IT, as he has been interested in technology since childhood, and wants to first further his own education before starting a family. Emery also wants to continue coaching soccer wherever he goes and jokes that his own children will start playing soccer while still in the womb.