Age: 28
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

In Burundi, Happy grew up in the care of his grandmother and considers himself an orphan. He was in secondary school when the conflict in Burundi broke out in 2015. Near to where he was living with his grandmother, many rebels were fighting and he recalls hearing gunshots often. Happy discussed fleeing to Tanzania with his grandmother, but she insisted she was too old to make the journey. Eventually, Happy’s grandmother was killed in the conflict and that is when he decided to flee to Tanzania. He made the journey on his own by foot. He recalls it being very difficult and the only way he survived was due to the generosity of a good samaratian near the border who provided him a safe place to stay.

Happy loves being a football coach and is also a player on a team in the Nduta camp. Happy grew up playing football and developed a deep love for the game. He recalls having a coach in his youth that inspired him to also want to be a football coach. As a RUSA coach, Happy enjoys making a positive impact on his community and likes to see the children in his Academy learn and grow. He knows that what his players are learning in the Academy will help them later on in life.

Although he still hasn’t finished secondary school, Happy would like to if he has the opportunity. However, his true dream is to become an international football coach. He has no plans to return to Burundi as he feels he is “homeless” there and that there will never be sustained peace. Instead, he dreams of traveling around the world, raising his family and coaching football.

Happy wanted iACT to know how thankful he is for the opportunity to be a RUSA coach. It has allowed him to earn income so he can feed his family and has allowed him to support the children in his community.