Age: 28
Location: Mtendeli Refugee Camp, Tanzania
Hilaire got married in 2013 and arrived with his wife in Tanzania in 2015 where they spent 1 year in the Nyarugusu refugee camp before eventually transitioning to the Mtendeli camp.

“I am a teacher because I love to teach and my own teachers growing up inspired me to be a teacher. I feel proud to be a teacher and that I am giving back to the community. As you look at early childhood development, it’s about helping children develop holistically. The children who pass through our Little Ripples program are different from other students when they reach the primary level; they are more confident and knowledgeable. Even during the Day of the African child celebrations, they were confident to show their skills to the community. I want the world to know that here in the Mtendeli refugee camp there are very special teachers; we are well equipped to teach children anywhere, especially in crisis situations.”