Age: 29
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

When Innocent was younger, youth military groups regularly tried to recruit him. When things got so bad, his family encouraged him to flee. He went to Kenya and resided in the Kakuma refugee camp for 2 months, but he ran into trouble with gangs in the camp. Some individuals threatened his life and so he returned to Burundi. Although he was still unsafe in Bujumbura, Innocent worked and saved money so he could eventually flee to Tanzania. He completed grade 6 of secondary school and was studying to become a mechanic when he eventually relocated to Tanzania.

Innocent grew up playing soccer and plays on a team in the Nduta camp. He feels proud to be a RUSA coach and respects the core principles and values of the programs. He particularly likes teaching skills and drills to his players and really loves the mindfulness aspect.

Innocent craves more opportunities to learn and grow and hopes to continue his education. His dream is to eventually become an international football coach. Innocent thanks iACT for their compassion and kindness. He feels that the RUSA program helps many children, even those who don’t participate directly in the RUSA program.