Age: 25
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

When Jannette married her husband, they both dropped out of school at grade 9 to run a small business together. When conflict broke out in Burundi in 2015, Jannette and her family were attacked by one of the Imbonerakure youth militias. Her husband was stabbed in the head, but was able to flee with the family to the Burundi-Tanzania border. They stayed there for 6 months while Jannette’s husband was treated medically, then they eventually crossed the border and arrived in Nduta. Currently, Jannette’s family is split between Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. Her father has passed away and her mother still resides in a safe place in Burundi, however her mother has advised Jannette not to repatriate for fear of continued violence against her and her husband.

Jannette has enjoyed playing soccer since childhood and is proud to be a RUSA coach. She likes helping children to be athletic and help them to prepare for a good future. Her family is very proud of her and support her work as a RUSA coach. Jannette does face some community challenges around negative attitudes about women and girls playing soccer, however, her philosophy is that there will always be challenges, but you must simply continue your work and move past them.

Jannette would like to eventually finish secondary school and attend university to become a nurse. However, she also wants to continue coaching soccer and dreams of becoming a professional women’s soccer coach. Eventually, she hopes to relocate to a peaceful location where she can live freely with her family and where her children can have good educational opportunities.

“I want the world to know how much I love my players, how proud of them I am, and how I will do anything in my power to help my community.”