Age: 26
Location: Mtendeli Refugee Camp, Tanzania
Pascal arrived alone in Tanzania in 2015 where he spent 1 year. While there he was reunited with his parents who had arrived a few months before him. He also met his wife in Nyarugusu and they got married in 2015. Eventually, Pascal, his parents and his wife were all transferred to Mtendeli. He dropped out of secondary school in Grade 10 because his family was no longer able to afford his school fees. If he receives the opportunity, he would like to finish secondary school someday and attend university.

“The training that we received from iACT prepared us to be good teachers so we can help children prepare for a good life. Little Ripples is very important because it creates unity among our students. It teaches students how to share and how to interact with others. Little Ripples has helped me a lot with leadership and working well with others. It improves how we are viewed in the community and we are now leaders in the community. We [the teachers] want the world to know that we are well equipped and have knowledge to teach our students; they are special and have experienced a lot of difficulties. We are pioneers to bring the Little Ripples program here and to use play-based learning in this camp; we feel like experts now.”