Age: 32
Location: Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

Violette spent 15 years living in the Kanembwa refugee camp in Tanzania due to violence in Burundi in 1993, which is where she met her husband. After being forced to repatriate, Violette and her husband owned property in Burundi, but when violence broke out there in 2015, the person they originally bought the property from demanded the property back and threatened to kill them, so they decided to flee back to Tanzania. Violette says she is used to the refugee life and feels more peaceful in Tanzania; she does not want to repatriate back to Burundi as Tanzania feels more like home at this point.

Unfortunately, Violette dropped out of school at grade 7 due to disagreements between her parents on being able to cover the costs to support her education. Although her mother prioritized her education and wanted Violette to complete her studies, her father disagreed and felt that the money would be better spent on other things. Violette was working as a volunteer health promotor for an NGO supporting pregnant women in Burundi when she was forced to flee.

Violette loves being a RUSA coach because educating children makes her happy. Her family and children support her work as a RUSA coach and she feels her players are benefitting from her support.