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10 Things I’ve Learned

(in no particular order)

  1. Being bright and intelligent can make you feel even more trapped and desperate, when you dream of higher education and a different future, and the camp walls close in.

  2. Refugee camps, with tens of thousands of people each, are not supposed to be permanent places of residence, especially in an environment that cannot sustain them.

  3. When there is peace, they will invite us to come with them to Darfur, and there will be a celebration for the Day of the Donkey — for the many lives donkeys saved.

  4. A boy that has close to nothing will still give me the hat off of his head, and it makes him happy to give.

  5. A simple round object made out of just about anything, a ball, can bring joy to the harshest places on earth.

  6. After a long day of heat, sand, and sad stories, laughter and cool water are the perfect recuperation potion.

  7. I miss my family. So many here have lost theirs.

  8. Listening is not always easy, but it’s the first step towards lasting friendships.

  9. Sometimes, a great leader walks at the back of the pack, not letting anyone stay behind — with the Janjaweed chasing and closing in.


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