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31 Days of i-ACT

i-ACT seeks to create a new culture of participation by creating mutually beneficial relationships between those affected by mass atrocities and genocide and those willing and able to help. We work on the ground in refugee camps, creating innovative projects that support education, sports, and relationships across continents. i-ACT creates a path for advocacy and on-the-ground change. We have a proven track record of success and are always exploring new ideas that increase the reach and impact of our programs.

Be part of the i-ACT’s #Tools4Peace by investing your year-end donation in i-ACT or giving #Gifts4Peace this holiday season.

Day 12 Video:

Day 23 Video:

Day 25 Video:

Day 29 Video:

This December we will give you 31 days of photos that speak to the variety, depth, and breadth of our work: [new_royalslider id=”16″]

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Provide nutritious meals to Darfuri refugee children in Chad.

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