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A Letter From iACT’s New Interim Executive Director

Dear iACT Family,

As we take these first few steps together into a new chapter, the loss of Katie-Jay and Gabriel remains heavy on our hearts. Their passing has been unimaginable, and deeply affected not only the organization, but each of us individually. It can’t be said enough just how much love these two shared with every person they came into contact with. To know them, was to feel love. I hold the sadness of their loss close, but I also hold great hope as I take on the role of interim executive director. I step into this role with humility and a determination to honor their passion and their approach to creating a more mindful humanitarian system.

I worked alongside Gabriel and Katie-Jay from 2012 to the end of 2019, first as the director of international programs, and then hand-in-hand with Katie-Jay as co-executive director. Together, we developed and grew iACT’s foundational programming of Little Ripples and Refugees United Soccer Academies, as well as what we now affectionately call the “iACT Way.” My belief in the work of iACT is deeply personal, and rooted in my friendship with Katie-Jay and Gabriel. It is also rooted in my years spent walking alongside, sitting with, and listening to the stories, desires, and ideas of our friends and colleagues in refugee camps – and their vision for our work and the world. These experiences have had a profound impact on who I am and the values I hold today as a humanitarian.

Stepping into the role of interim executive director, for me, is an act of love for my friends. It is a way to honor our friendship, and to continue in our shared unwavering determination to shape a humanitarian system where the dignity, humanity, and agency of conflict-affected people are recognized, affirmed and supported. I am also here as an act of love for our iACT family. I am here for the men and women who step into the role of coordinator, coach, teacher, and cook every day and bring hope and joy to the children in their communities. I am here for the board who have done so much to hold our community together in the past few months, and for the countless volunteers who give their time, talent, and hearts to this organization. And finally, I am here for the iACT community-at-large who continue to support our work and vision.