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A Letter to Adam

Dear Adam:

I hope you and your beautiful family are well. By “well” I mean much more than just in good enough health. I know that, every time I ask how you are, you tell me: “We are fine, Gabriel. How are you and your family?” From remote, harsh refugee camps, you have always remembered to send me messages of friendship and support, and you worry about us. I am humbled.

In all these years since we first met, you have never asked me for anything, and I know that your family goes through many hardships. Instead, you make sure that I’m OK, when I visit the camps, and you honored KTJ and I with the wonderful and humbling act of naming your newest twin babies after us.

It was with great concern and sadness that I received the news from Umda Tarbosh that you were leaving Chad for Darfur. I immediately imagined the dangerous journey for you, your wife, and your kids, traveling on roads frequented by numerous armed groups and bandits. I wonder how you must be feeling, going back to your beloved Darfur but also going back to a place that has not achieved what you have been dreaming and working for: peace, protection, and justice.

I know that you embarked on this journey because you needed to do it. The last time we were together, you shared about the urgency you felt about your children living in something of a limbo, where their hopes and dreams are limited to the boundaries of the refugee camp. You told me, “I will not be around for long.”