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Achta’s Story, Hunger In Darfur Refugee Camps


This blog was originally posted on Huffington Post on March 13, 2015.

As a parent, how would it feel to put your children to sleep at night, without them having had a meal for the entire day, and not knowing where or if you would find food tomorrow? Over the last months, Achta has experienced that feeling, over and over again.

Achta is a mother of six children: Bashir and Bashar (twins, 13), Guisma (11), Abdelmouni (8), Gabriel (4), and Abdulai (2). More than two years ago, their father Adef went back to Darfur to try to find a source of income and resources for the family. They have not heard from him since.

The family lives in one small hut in a fenced compound. The area outside the hut is bare, with very few items in terms of possessions and just three cooking pots next to the mud fire pit.