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Belly Buds LLC to Donate Percentage of Profits from New Meditative Series to Chad-Based Darfuri Refugee Preschool Program

LOS ANGELES (December 10, 2014) – Belly Buds LLC, manufacturer of Bellybuds® | Baby Bump Sound System launched today Journey Into Pregnancy, a meditative series of intentional explorations for the expectant mother. Designed to complement an expectant mother’s journey as she progresses from conception through birth, this four-part series begins with meditations on balancing the chakras and continues through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters. For every album sold, Belly Buds will donate a portion of proceeds to Little Ripples, a Darfuri refugee preschool program tailored to a population exposed to severe trauma.

“Bellybuds has always been about forming a special bond with baby. Journey Into Pregnancy is an extension of this ideology, providing moms-to-be with insightful meditations for all stages of their pregnancy,” said Curtis Williams, Belly Buds founder. “We’re thrilled to have Little Ripples as a partner in this endeavor and could not be more pleased to contribute to their valiant cause.”

Support from Belly Buds will help Little Ripples expand from a school-based program to an in-home model that will serve more children, empower more women, and engage the community at a deeper level. Teachers will continue to receive training and support from early childhood education experts, schools, and supporters in the United States, but will increasingly have more control over the day-to-day operations in this innovative and replicable refugee-led model. Belly Buds funding will also support Little Ripples’ essential daily meal program which in some cases may be the only meal a student receives in any given day due to the increasingly severe food insecurity in the refugee camps in eastern Chad.

“We are so proud to partner with Belly Buds. Their mission to foster powerful and nurturing connections between mothers and their children is what Little Ripples strives to achieve with Darfuri women and children living in extremely isolated and volatile refugee camps,” said Katie-Jay Scott, Director of Operations and Community Involvement at i-ACT. “Belly Buds’ commitment is reaching far beyond their immediate community and cultivating rich relationships in a camp that has been forgotten by so many.”

While meditation in general seeks to promote relaxation and a heightened state of consciousness, Journey Into Pregnancy is specifically tailored to each stage of pregnancy. The first installment is focused on the seven chakras, balancing the listener’s energy and aligning the body and mind of her developing baby. The second set of passages guide the listener as she endeavors to trust, embrace and even direct the changes happening in her body and her life. The third installment is meant for mother and baby to listen to together as they deepen the bond and prepare for the new chapter in their lives. The final set of passages is about preparation for labor, delivery and for welcoming a new life into the world. Journey Into Pregnancy is narrated by Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga instructor Stacey Martino, who was trained at Bhakti Shala and has taught at Golden Bridge, both in Los Angeles.

Journey Into Pregnancy albums may be purchased individually for $11.99 or as a series for $33.56 at To give directly to Little Ripples, prospective donors can visit

About Belly Buds LLC 

Belly Buds LLC, based in Los Angeles, California, develops innovative, safe and socially conscientious products and services for expectant mothers and their families. Belly Buds is committed to strengthening the bond between parents and children at all stages, from conception through birth and beyond.

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About Little Ripples

Built on the pillars of peace, helping, and sharing, Little Ripples is an early childhood education program for Darfur refugee children aged 3-5 living in refugee camps in eastern Chad. The refugee-led program encourages play-based and student-driven learning while providing enriching cultural activities that bring their diverse community together. Little Ripples is a project of i-ACT, a nonprofit located in Hermosa Beach, Calif. i-ACT empowers individuals within communities, institutions, and governments to take personal responsibility to act on behalf of those affected by genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity. i-ACT is a global team dedicated to putting a face on the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced while creating mutually enriching relationships between those in danger and those willing and able to act, fostering a new culture of participation. For more information, please visit and


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