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For Immediate Release CONTACT: Katie-Jay Scott Stauring, 310.738.0285, Download the pdf of the press release


To continue a program that strives to build a permanent constituency to prevent and end genocide and mass atrocities

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 18, 2013 – The Carl Wilkens Fellowship (CWF), once part of Genocide Intervention Network and United to End Genocide, has partnered with i-ACT, a Los Angeles based, international nonprofit, to continue the Fellowship program that trains emerging adult leaders to build a permanent constituency working to prevent and end mass atrocities. The partnership will capitalize on the accomplishments of the more than 55 Carl Wilkens Fellows from past cohorts who are currently working around the world.

“Since its beginning with GI-Net, I’ve always been inspired by the level of commitment and the quality of work of the various Fellows spread around our country. I could not be happier with the recent joining of forces between the Fellowship and i-ACT,” notes Carl Wilkens. “The way i-ACT partners with families at risk on the ground is excellent. Its creativity and innovation also makes it a great match for the Fellowship!”

i-ACT empowers individuals within communities, institutions, and governments to take personal responsibility to act on behalf of those affected by genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity. i-ACT is a global team dedicated to putting a face on the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced while creating mutually enriching relationships between those in danger and those willing and able to act, fostering a new culture of participation.

“We really feel that bringing the Carl Wilkens Fellowship under the umbrella of i-ACT will help create a permanent and energized community dedicated to ending mass atrocities. Our movement as a whole needs new leadership and new ideas to break the cycle of violence,” says Director of Community Programming and new CWF Facilitator, Katie-Jay Scott