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Celebrating 15 (+1)!

i-ACT’s Gabriel Stuaring and James Thacher are in eastern Chad documenting the stories of Darfuri refugees. This trip, i-ACT #16, coincides with the 10th anniversary of the start of the genocide in Darfur and the more recent influx of 300,000 new refugees into the region.

When Abdulaziz told me that the refugees were going to celebrate my 15th trip to the camps in Eastern Chad, I thought he was being polite and that they were happy that I was coming. After a few other communications, it sounded more like there would be a meeting with refugee leaders who were going to express their gratitude for all the support i-ACT and partners like the Enough Project and the Darfur Dream Team Sister School Program–and all the communities that care about Darfur–have provided. As I was getting into the car to leave the camp yesterday, Abdulaziz told me to come back at 7am and be ready for a five hour celebration, with music, dancing, plays, and speeches!


One of the handmade signs at the Djabal celebration. Photo: i-ACT/Gabriel Stauring