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Cute in Pink

Yep, she’s cute, in her little pink outfit, with the cornrow-braids and her miniature flip-flops. Those eyes are what gets you, though, serious and deep. Oh, and the cheeks! What’s more squeezable than that. Notwithstanding all that overwhelming cuteness, I don’t want to take her home with me.

I want her home to be better and safer and not here, a refugee camp. She’s clearly one of the lucky ones. Her parents attend to her. They have her clean and beautiful and have just enough to buy her new clothes. So many of the other kids around here don’t have that.

I met her during our walk around camp Goz Amer yesterday. She was at one of the pre-primary centers. There were about 200 students crammed into one little round kiosk, and they started singing as soon as we came close. This seems to happen in every classroom at any grade level in the camp. They receive guests with songs. A teacher told me that the songs are usually about Darfur, about the land, the rivers, the trees and about how they wish to go back.

I wonder what the little ones think about Darfur, where they’ve never been but hear about every day. It must sound to them like a mythical place that is beautiful but so far away. Even to the adults, it’s sounding more and more like that.

This little one in pink, she’s so cute! [galleryview id=12]


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