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Darfur United Arrives in Kurdistan!

Somehow, the driver that took us to a ten minute meeting left and did not come back for forty-five. It was now less than two hours before departure for us and a team of refugees, all of them carrying temporary travel documents on their very first international flight. It was now, again, nervous time.

After about eight confusing phone calls, I was told that the driver was on his way to take us back to the UNHCR office, and we would then leave from there with the team. Not good. That could easily mean another forty five minutes. Instead, I suggested they grab the guys and meet us at the airport.

At the airport, it was slow going to get the boarding passes for everyone, but we were moving, and it was feeling not real. This is happening!    READ MORE

Sound Off: Sulieman Reflects on the Journey

Sulieman, a natural leader on and off the field, reflects on the true meaning behind Darfur United and the impact of the previous eight weeks of training. The team is more than 16 people playing football (soccer), it is a family that has united camps, tribes, and cultures.

A View From the Hospital by Alex Nuttall-Smith, DU Medical Trainer

The first Viva World Cup match for Darfur United is tomorrow. I can sense the mounting excitement among the Darfur United players and coaches.

We have settled quickly, after only two days, into a routine of practices, team meals, and medical treatments. The tournament organizers, hotel, and Kurdistan fans (who line up the watch practices) have shown the greatest hospitality toward Darfur United.

My hotel room has been labeled by the players as “the hospital.” After team meals and meetings, the players line up in my room for treatment.     READ MORE


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