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Day of the Donkey

You inquired in one of your messages about our religious and national celebrations. We have a lot of such celebrations, and since such celebrations are commemorates certain events. I suggest to the DarFuri refugee in their camps to celebrate donkey’s day because what this friendly animal did to these people is above any imaginary. It had been used on evacuating children, old people, loaded with food and water for the fleeing convoys of the refuge seekers of DarFuri out to Chad on more than ten days journey in year 2003 . Here in the refugee camps, it helps for firewood hunting, brings water, carries food, and transportation for almost all of the refugee in camps. I think such commemoration should be more meaningful than to commemorate the days of any president come to power by military coup. Hundreds of donkey have died on their way to Chad on evacuate DarFur operations. Thank you, Adam


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