Donkey – Burro – Ass: More Than Just A Joke

The kids get such a kick out of seeing me take a picture of a donkey, and even more if it’s

In the camp, the donkeys mean so much, beside being good for laughing. They serve to carry the heavy bags of grain and other rations given out at the monthly distribution. The

For some of the families, on their lasts days in Darfur, the burros were what straddled the line between life and death. If you had a donkey and the time to gather it before or during the escape, an older member of your family or someone that was sick might have made it through the long walk to the border. Maybe you could quickly load it with life-saving water and food so that your children could survive. In these cases, the donkey is now joke.

All in all, the donkeys seem to have a special place in the lives of the refugees. They are kept in the home compound, and they are fed and given water, even in tough times. The people know that these funny looking animals might be needed again, for rough times or just for a good laugh.


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