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Eastern Chad Cars, Planes, and Diners


First, we have to get there. We’ll be waking up around 4:30am to be ready for the car that will pick us up at 5am. Then it’s a forty-five minute bumpy drive to the Goz Beida airport, before the sun even rises. The GZB airport is a dirt runway. Before the small humanitarian planes land, an SUV will drive up and down the runway on a “goat run,” making sure there are not animals that might make for a tragic landing. In this area, there are many camels, so “camel run” might be more appropriate, and they’re much bigger than a goat.

Camp Kounoungou can be seen in the foreground.

Camp Kounoungou can be seen in the foreground.

We don’t fly directly to our next destination, Guereda. We have to make a stop in Abeche, a “bigger” town in eastern Chad. That usually means a wait of two hours of more at that small airport. There is actually a small airport facility in Abeche, with waiting rooms, restrooms, and a small drinks and sandwich shop.