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Expanding Human Rights Education for Refugees

R2E Umda

What is the R2E Library? The R2E Library provides a space, materials and educational tools for refugees to learn about their human rights and how to address human rights issues. Users not only learn about human rights and mechanisms that protect them, but also the acquisition of skills needed to apply human rights in a practical way in daily life. By providing Darfuri refugees with the opportunity to access human rights education, i-ACT aims to empower individuals and their communities to critically analyze their human rights problems and seek out solutions that are consistent with human rights values and standards. This is particularly important for a group of people who have experienced genocide and who continue to remain vulnerable to violence and instability in the refugee camps and in their home country.

Update from the Camps


Moving Forward Based on the success and popularity of the library in each camp and based on recommendations from our three librarians, we’ve decided to work towards expanding the R2E Library program. Instead of only being used by teachers and students, we will expand the libraries to be available to the community at large. Librarians feel that adults in the community are a critical audience for library resources and for learning about human rights. Reaching adults, they said, would help spread human rights in the camps, in family life and build leaders in the community. Furthermore, in making the library available to others in the community, the librarians will begin to organize community discussions on human rights during library hours in order to foster community dialogue and collaboration.

Check out the R2E webpage to learn more about the R2E Library, librarians and how you can help support human rights education in the camps!

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Provide nutritious meals to Darfuri refugee children in Chad.

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