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i-ACT’s Gabriel Stuaring, James Thacher and the Little Ripples team are in eastern Chad documenting the stories of Darfuri refugees and opening the first Little Ripples’ center. This trip, i-ACT #16, coincides with the 10th anniversary of the start of the genocide in Darfur and the more recent influx of 300,000 new refugees into the region.

It was a day full of emotions and moments. I asked our team to pick their favorite photo of the day. I’m sure it was as difficult for others as it was for me to choose just one. Here they are:


Melissa: As the other children gathered excitedly around those with cameras, posing for photos and laughing at seeing the reflection of themselves and friends, I saw this boy withdraw behind the truck. As I looked into his eyes, I wondered about his personal story. I wondered what he was feeling and thinking and how well he was adjusting to this new way of life that he had been handed to him.


Nathan: While Gabriel and James tried to capture the scope of living conditions for the new arrivals on film, Melissa and I got a chance to talk with a group of mothers and their children. The woman in this photo arrived with her two children (2 and 3 years old) in April. She told us about difficult conditions and the challenges of living in the camp. Her family had shared one bar of soap for the past month, which is just one indicator of public health and resource challenges.


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