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First Steps

Busy N’Djamena day for the team. Busy and good. The streets of this capital city look so different from earlier trips.

Camouflage clothing is still very in. I’m not sure if they’re all soldiers, but I guess most are. There are still way too many guns out there, AK47s I’m, again, guessing. Not too many people smile, unless you meet them one-on-one, when they become personable and even friendly.

To navigate the travel and video permits system here, you need friends. UNHCR has been more than that. They worked our permits and transportation in record time. It even feels strange to be leaving NDJ so fast, but I’m happy to be flying out tomorrow morning. Delphine, at UNHCR, coordinated everything, with Carole doing a lot of the leg work. Red tape is never fun.</