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Goz Amer R2E Mobile Human Rights Library Update

Hello Mr Gabriel, Mrs Katie-Jay, how are you? I am mr. yagoub abdohadi [crombo] and i am a friend in lebrary in camp goz amer. I join in this lebrary since tow monthes ago. In july, i had two monthes to learn how to know about all this materials of the lebrary. I had my full training and course, then officaly I had received all the materals in first of september, and all my training was by mr tarbosh. By the way i begin my work acording to the time table that was planed by mr t which is five days in each school, so i was in Abou Taleeb A and now in B after here to Darfur A up to the end then back by the same system. So i wish on go to this library, with full of materials to be better and beautiful. Thank you very much my name is yagoub, but Mr crombo is my famous name every where.

Hello dears,gabriel,katiejay, I am the one with coat between the group.

Hello dear katie-jay. How are you? This is one part of our library activites in Abou Taleeb he tells them how to use the books.


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