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Greece: an opportunity to listen and learn

Our objective is to listen and learn. This is what brings Sara-Christine and me to Greece for the next week. We are here to listen and learn about what it is like to be a refugee in Ioannina and Thessaloniki; to listen about the everyday challenges the community faces, and what ideas they have to turn these obstacles into opportunities. We hope to learn about gaps in early childhood education, refugee-led, and human rights programs. We want to learn whether trauma-informed approaches and child well-being tools might be helpful, and if so, in what ways. We are here to listen and learn.

Refugee camps across Greece.

This is the first step in understanding whether expanding Little Ripples, Refugees United Soccer Academy or even LEAD with EMPATHY could be impactful for the diverse community of refugees living across Greece. They come from countries such as Syria, Libya, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, and beyond.