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Host a Kicks and Hope Tournament: STAND with Darfur United!

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April 6 is the International Day of Sport for Peace. April is also Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. This year’s national theme is Moving Beyond Witness. We want to use these two incredible opportunities to help you move your community beyond bearing witness to genocide and mass atrocities to taking action through a 4 vs 4 Darfur United Soccer Tournament and Action Fair.

i-ACT and STAND, the national anti-genocide student movement, are working together to coordinate tournaments all over the world. Find out how you can host a Kicks and Hope Tournament in your community at STAND chapters, soccer teams, and communities around the world will organize a one-day 4 vs 4 tournament, provide education and action opportunities for participants and fans to end genocide, and raise funds to provide joy, hope, and trauma recovery to Darfuri refugee children living in isolated camps in eastern Chad and support peacebuilding initiatives in the Central African Republic.