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i-ACT Ambassador Highlight: Marv Steinberg

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I’ve been working with Marv Steinberg and Genocide No More – Save Darfur, Redding, CA since 2008. Gabriel, i-ACT’s Executive Director, has been working with him even longer!

Marv is an outstanding leader and facilitator of a community who cares deeply about Darfur and Sudan. He started his journey to stand with Darfur in March 2006. He had been hospitalized with suspected heart problems. Before going in for a heart scan, he reflected about his life and had a conversation with God. “As I went in for the test that would determine whether I needed heart surgery, I talked to one of our pastors and told her that if I made it I was going to turn my attention to Darfur.” That was 8 years ago and Marv has not stopped.

Marv continues to organize his local community to support i-ACT’s projects, both through advocacy efforts and raising funds. Genocide No More – Save Darfur, Redding, CA gathers every month for an Interfaith Prayer Vigil at Sundial Bridge, rain or shine. They hold monthly meetings and have over the years hosted Ca