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i-ACT’s Early Childhood Work, Against Bears and Janjaweed

Some children see bears ready to attack everywhere during their “normal” daily life. The “fight or flight” response is activated, at times when it’s not necessarily needed, getting in the way of a happy childhood! This leads to health, cognitive, and emotional issues that impact life in a negative way for the rest of that child’s life. This whole-body response system evolved to have us ready to face the dangers—like bears and lions—that were imminent, when early humans lived in the woods or plains.

I’ve been immersed in research related to early childhood development and the effects of trauma, as we move forward with our plans for our Little Ripples and Darfur United Soccer Academy projects. The kids these programs are meant to serve have been born to a society that has experienced extreme trauma. Experts agree that this trauma is passed on to the next generation, even if the little ones did not experience it first hand.