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i-ACT20 Day 1: From LAX to NDJ


i-ACT’s 20th Trip to Darfuri Refugee Camps

By Gabriel Stauring

I remember quite clearly sitting in this same Paris airport in 2005, experiencing a mash of feelings—excitement, confusion, responsibility, fear, power, hope, and so much more—as I was about to board the plane that would take me to Chad on my first visit to Darfuri refugee camps. I’m now on my 20th trip, and I’m still carrying all those feelings, but there is one more that now glues them all together: sadness.

We called that very first trip, i-ACT, short for interactive-activism, with an ambitious, yet simple, mission: to put a face on the mind-numbing numbers of dead and displaced from Darfur. It was just going to be that one trip, but here we are. Mass death and displacement has not stopped in Darfur, and the situation in the camps is one of hardship and loss of hope.