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i-ACT20 Day 15: We Will Be Back

In it for the long haul

By Sara-Christine Dallain

scd 3

As I waited to reunite with the rest of our team in camp Iridimi, I decided to walk up a little hill to see what was beyond it. At the top, I sat a on rock and stared into the distance of eastern Chad, soaking up its unique beauty.

Next to me was a donkey tied to a rock. He just stood there, staring at me. For a while it was just him and me. Peacefully accepting each other’s presence. I reminded myself where I was in the world. Visualizing a map of the world, and me sitting alone on a rock in this vast, isolated region.

The donkey’s owner came to retrieve him. A young boy, pulling with all his might to get the donkey to move. He greeted me quietly, “Salam Malikem” and walked away with his donkey. I would only get about five more minutes to myself until a pack of kids from the camp discovered me sitting alone.</