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i-ACT20 Day 3: Stuck But Still Active

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The Streets of NDJ

By Gabriel Stauring

We’ve had to cross the city a few times these last few days to work on our permits. It’s a good change of pace, from the waiting and waiting, and waiting at the hotel. The streets of N’Djamena are alive. Cars share the road with an unending flow of motorcycles, and adding to this and to make it more exciting, you also have bicycles, people, animals, and “other” running along the same crowded slab of asphalt. We’re stuck here in the capital for at least one more day, so we’ll get to experience it all again.



Meaningful Growth

By Sara-Christine Dallain

This trip is proving to be pivotal. Today we had an important meeting about the growth of i-ACT – mainly the growth of our presence in Chad and our programs. Over the years, i-ACT has built a strong foundation based on personal relationships with refugees, partners, a wide range of experts, and a lot of trips to eastern Chad. Twenty to be exact! So now we look to build upon this foundation so that we can reach more refugees with our programs. Programs that we believe can be models implemented in all twelve Darfuri camps, and for other emergency and protracted refugee contexts.

However, we are not going to grow for growths sake. That is, we will stay true to our core and our mission. We will make sure that our growth is meaningful for the refugees we serve and work with.

Today’s discussions does come at a critical time. The refugee crisis in Chad is alarming. Refugees need support now more than ever. i-ACT programs are based on building the capacity and resiliency of refugees so that they may begin to both heal and rebuild their lives. This is the kind of support we hope to grow in a meaningful way.

Looks like we have one more day in N’djamena before we head east!

Peace, from N’djamena

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Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

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