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i-ACT20 Day 8: Not Enough at All


By Sara-Christine Dallain


“Yes, to answer your question, we are hungry. We are always hungry,” was the response of two women I spoke with today. I was asking some questions about their cooking methods and the food situation of their household. When I specifically inquired about whether they lacked food, they laughed.

They laughed because traditionally it is not custom to talk about being hungry. For these refugees, hunger is widespread. They went on to explain that hunger is not something they need or like to talk about. They don’t see the point. Their hunger is well known. …

Three meals a day is no longer an option according to the households that I interviewed today. And the only meals they are eating are lentils and porridge. Twice a day, with some tea.

Day 1 in refugee camp Touloum.


It’s All We Have

By Gabriel Stauring