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i-ACT21 Day 4: Radical Patience

Radical Color

By Felicia Lee

When people ask me what my favorite color is, my answer is always “rainbow,” because I love colors in general, and I love colorful things. Today, as we drove through the city of N’Djamena, I kept noticing the prevalence of color all along the streets. The gleaming silver of fat fish lying in stacks on cardboard. The matte tan of chicken eggs sitting next to glass bottles of ochre liquor. Mattresses upon mattresses covered in patterned purples, golds, and reds, piled one atop another in fort-like structures that any kid would be slack-jawed overjoyed to play in. With sight after sight of vendors plying their wares up and down the sidewalk, all I wanted to do was to walk around and look at, touch, and smell everything that was for sale.

The prevalence of color is juxtaposed with the prevalence of poverty here in the capital of Chad.

Do the refugees in their camps out in the east have the privilege of shopping in street-side markets?