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Intern Spotlight: Ana Díaz Flores

My name is Ana Díaz Flores, I’m from México and I just graduated in December with a B.S. in International Relations from Universidad de Monterrey.

Since I was young I’ve been interested in NGOs and how they worked to help different communities and sectors within the society, all of them with the goal to safeguard human rights. The first program that I was part of was on a social inclusion program for kids with disabilities. This opportunity led me to seek a career where I could be of help and with the same objective to protect the human rights of others.

While studying in university I was able to work in three different programs; the first was helping people wrongfully in jail get a due process, the second one was with immigrants, and the third was empowering low-income communities through education and development programs. However I really wanted to experience working on the humanitarian field that I became really interested in.

During my last semester, I got the chance to meet Gabriel and Katie-jay in a conference. Hearing them talk about iACT’s programs and the way they work, which is so different from most of the organisation that I’ve worked with, is one of the things that really got my attention. I’m thrilled to become part of the interns for this summer. I am sure we will learn a lot during this time from each other and contribute to iACT in every way that we can.

iACT because… Everyone deserves the opportunity to have the life they envision for themselves


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

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